Cost to Hire a Web Designer
How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Web Designer?
August 1, 2019

How Much Do Web Designers Charge to Maintain a Site?

How Much Do Web Designers Charge to Maintain a Site

With a positive inclination to both the creative and technical aspects of a website, a web designer is one of the first professionals you would want to meet when an issue comes up and hurts your purpose of running a website. So, a web designer is always an essential part of your website maintenance. But, how much do web designers charge to maintain a site?

The answer depends on a variety of factors. The most typical one of them is the type and extent of maintenance you want. The actual cost of hiring a web designer for website maintenance depends on the particulars and difficulty of the specific job. It can be as simple as “a button isn’t working” or as detailed as a website redesign.

In this article, we’ll try to answer the very question “how much do web designers charge to maintain a site?” in the easiest manner possible, so you can learn which skills are important and how you should prepare a maintenance budget.

Neither the cost of web design and maintenance nor the needs of website owners are constant. So, you need to remember the following factors that have direct impact on the website maintenance budget.

  • Experience is crucial. The more experienced your web designer is, the better outcome you can expect plus the higher charge he/she is going to set for you.
  • Website maintenance jobs are assigned in two ways in terms of payment calculation. You can hire someone on an hourly basis or the job can be awarded under a fixed payment agreement.
  • An hourly contract proves suitable when the maintenance involves a complete redesign, or the creation of something from scratch as part of user experience, or the entire website maintenance. But, for a few fixes and tweaks, a fixed payment is more agreeable.
  • Whom you hire is another thing to consider because the cost of hiring a freelance web designer and employing an in-house professional is not essentially the same.
  • A freelance web designer can do the job for you at a specific hourly charge or fixed payment that may sometimes be higher or equal to what an in-house designer would demand. But, you’ve concerns like medical benefits and other facilities to take care of while having an in-house web designer working for you. With a freelance professional, you may need to worry about the timely delivery and communication. So, don’t rush; otherwise you’ll end up spending more than you should.

So, How Much Do Web Designers Charge to Maintain a Site?

When it comes to website maintenance and not building it from scratch, several things might happen. The maintenance job can be viewed from different perspectives. Some tasks are best handled via an hourly project while others should be assigned under a fixed payment term. Let’s get a breakdown of costs in terms of the various aspects of website maintenance.

When Should You Use a Fixed Payment Term?

You cannot always find people to agree with you on any term. Some jobs can be completed with fixed terms, but all designers might not have the same idea. However, the following ones are often considered for this type of agreement.

  • Fixing some issues like responsiveness across devices, conflicts between/among two or more elements, unresponsive tools (buttons, navigational items, etc.), incompatibility and other browser related issues, database and server issues, etc.

Most of these problems can be solved quickly by an experienced web designer. You can also hire someone with a few years of experience in this line of work.

The usual duration for these issues can be less than an hour, and it may also be 5-6 hours or even longer. The cost can be small like $30-$50. Sometimes, it may go as high as $100 or a few hundred bucks depending on the site architecture and other technical factors.

  • Adding something (menu, tools, and services) new to enhance user experience

Although a new web designer with experience designing just one/two websites or working on a few projects can handle these jobs pretty well, you would want to contact someone with more insights for working on complex tasks like adding some animated visual or integrating custom APIs to pull specific information.

The payment for these jobs usually starts at $20 and go up to a hundred dollars. Remember that you can just ask someone to add or change something, not build anything from scratch. If you need that too, additional charges will be in order.

  • Updating plugins or other functional tools

It’s one of the most common maintenance tasks in today’s web development industry. Skilled people are always preferable. But, this one area is typical, and you may not want to pay a seasoned designer 100 bucks for a job that can be done by another relatively less experienced for only $50.

  • Changing/Modifying some portions of the website or particular webpages

Sometimes, websites designed a few years ago seem to lose its traction with visitors who prioritize their aesthetic or user experience. On some occasions, the problem can be addressed by modifying a few portions of a webpage or site instead of going for a costly redesign.

Typical cost for these jobs can be only $20 while some more details being added to the list can increase the charge by 2-5 times over.

  • Overall performance optimization and maintenance (periodic/monthly/annual)

Most businesses or owners of sites or web applications should consider this as a mandatory task to undertake. Most of these jobs are awarded on a monthly basis and desirable contractors are small or large web design agencies. Individual web professionals can also be hired.

A fixed monthly payment is can be discussed or a one-time (annual or biennial) budget can be set. Typical web design agencies charge $500 while some agencies might look for a higher end.

When Should You Create an Hourly Contract?

You can hire a web designer for any of the tasks below and get him/her to agree on a fixed term instead of an hourly contract. However, the variability and situational factors associated with them often lead businesses or individual clients to make an hourly agreement.

  • Revamping a website for a more appropriate look and feel, etc.

A highly skilled web designer with many years of experience would charge anywhere between $40 and $100 per hour. A professional with a portfolio of dozens of completed project would charge somewhere between $20 and $50 per hour.

You may hire someone with not so many much to demonstrate would demand $5 to $10 per hour. There’re also people who would be willing to work at a fee that falls somewhere among these pay rates.

When Can You Choose Anything Between an Hourly and Fixed Contract?

The following web design projects can be completed at either an hourly pay rate or a one-time charge. You need to discuss the terms with the contractor or agency you’ll be hiring.

  • Speed optimization of the entire website

At least a few years of experience is desirable for these jobs, and you may expect to pay $100 for a small website. Optimization for larger websites would cost you up to $500. Websites with hundreds of pages and lots of visitors being permitted to interact would cost $1000 to several thousands.

When you put all these things into an hourly frame, you may need to pay $15 to $75 per hour or even more. It’s wise to look up to a designer (a knowledgeable one) who knows how to bring the best result.

  • Fixing boilerplate coding issues for a cleaner and more unified coding structure (removing redundant lines, combining codes following standard practice, etc.)

These tasks can be parts of speed optimization, but you can have them finished separately by hiring someone at $10 to $50 per hour. Some clients are seen to set a fixed budget, say $100-$500 for example.

  • Validation testing and fixing unnecessary codes (fixing errors and warnings)

It may also be included in your speed optimization requirements. Make sure you hire someone who is adept at the rules and standard procedures because validation is a very critical part of your website’s success from both technical points of view and search engine rankings. Such a project may cost you $100 or $10-$20 per hour.

Are you going to ask again “How much do web designers charge to maintain a site?” Maybe not! You should always focus on understanding what you exactly want when the word ‘maintenance’ comes to mind.

A thorough idea about your needs and expectations and a frank discussion with the person or agency who will do the job can put both of you together in a favorable situation and lead to a good outcome without harming your business or whatever purpose you’re serving.

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