How Much Do Web Designers Charge to Maintain a Site
How Much Do Web Designers Charge to Maintain a Site?
August 23, 2019

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Web Designer?

Cost to Hire a Web Designer

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Web Designer

Just the moment you think you’re going to have to get a website for your business or job, that’s where the services of a web designer come into significance. Once you know what a web designer does; the next question you should be asking “How much is the web designer cost?”

The simplest answer can be anywhere between a hundred and several thousands of dollars. However, the easiest answer may not be the best one for you. Let’s start with a bit more of a web designer’s responsibilities which will get you down to the cost of hiring one for your project.

Responsibilities of a Web Designer

Responsibilities of a Web Designer

Here’s one straightforward clue that might interest you. A web designer is a professional with a specific set of skills required to plan, design, and build a website. To be precise, this is a kind of person who will work closely with you to understand your business and expectations, conceptualize the whole thing, do research, work on the site wireframes, pick color schemes and visuals, and make all design materials to bring you the final output – your website!

Technically, that’s a lot of work which only a designer with sound understanding of what to do and how can make possible staying within the boundary of your personalized demands. After finishing the design and coding, there comes the testing job, which makes sure the design is appropriate and standard. So, do you have a second thought on paying someone who will take all these hassles for you? Sure, you don’t. But, the question is how much one charges and how you prepare your budget for a website.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Hiring a Web Designer

Affect the Cost of Hiring a Web Designer

There’re factors that lead you to a certain direction as to the web designer cost. Remember each of these factors have their associated variables which are also worth considering, should you be able to find someone suitable for the job at your desired budget.

Project Details

Did you have anything to share with your designer? If you do, it’s time to let the pro know what you really want. The scope of a project is the first thing a designer would think about carefully, even before agreeing to work with you. So, be honest, specific, and frank with the details.

Type of Business and Audience

The very industry you’re operating within hosts audience consisting broad groups of people who would have distinct tastes and preferences regarding what they want to see as they happen to be on somewhere online.

For example, you might be in any industry, but your audience is going to like to feel that you truly care about their needs. If your website fails to address this particular notion, chances are that the website would end up being a useless possession. Thorough knowledge about your business and the market helps the designer put the appropriate elements and their existence in frequencies/numbers together to make a great whole.

Platforms and Languages

You need to choose from the handful of options like

  1. A very basic website including some text and just a few interior pages
  2. A Content management System (CMS) based website using themes and customizations to bring your preferred look
  3. A custom website designed with HTML, CSS, and scripting languages/libraries, and then implemented through a CMS

Each of these ways presents you distinguished challenges and thus pricing tags. So, hold a thorough conversation with the designer and reach a viable decision. Here’s a quick list of charges.

  • The first description typically costs $10-$20 per hour depending on the skills of the professional.
  • The second set of details requires anywhere between $15-$25 per hour depending on the complexity of details and your needs.
  • Details of the third project are really comprehensive requiring the designer to have good coding skills which come at a price anywhere between $20 and $50 or even higher.

Graphics and Visuals

Graphics and Visuals

Some websites do better with a lot of visuals placed here and there across the site while some look really professional with carefully tailored graphics and web visuals. How do designers choose what and how to place those eye-catching elements? That’s entirely their area of expertise. All you need to ensure is that they know what exactly works for you because the cost of the project will be determined with these in mind.


It’s totally cool to think that content is someone else’s job and not the designer’s. But, a good design is the one that keeps the content in a harmony with other things on the website. So, it’s good to discuss the ‘content’ matter with the designer before letting him/her do anything. Fortunately, some web design agencies offer content services at a fraction of the cost you would have to bear if they would come from another provider. Some entrepreneurs consider it a chance at saving money.

Pages and Features

You have to determine whether your website is going to be about your business/service or a simple portfolio of what you’ve done so far. You need to focus on identifying what you want your audience to think about you as they visit the site. Discuss the number and features of the pages, the logo, the homepage, and just about any other element that becomes critical to your goal. The web designer will factor all these into his/her cost calculation, and so will you while preparing the budget.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Even a one-page website is built with SEO in mind. That’s how today’s online world wants you to act. With this scenario in mind, modern web designers and service agencies adopt some sort of optimization techniques as they design and build something. So, the good thing for you is that you may not need to pay anything extra to see that your site is responsive, loads fast, and abides by the some of the search engine’s ranking factors. However, it doesn’t change the value of full-fledged SEO services even by a little bit because having an SEO friendly website is not the end of your journey to the page #1.

Categories of Web Designers

After starting your search, you’ll meet web designers with varying degrees of experiences, different approaches, and demands. You’ll see these typical four categories which may present you different considerations.

Freelance Web Designers

When your budget is, by far, not good enough to support your having a website, hiring a freelance designer can be a temporary solution. Don’t get it wrong altogether. Freelance designers are making great fortunes these days by delivering excellent quality at reasonable prices and within an acceptable turnaround time. But, things may turn upside down; only the worst case scenario.

With the obvious positive like budget, you should be ready with the probable limitations like communication issues, difficulty presenting the right message and idea about the audience, especially for local businesses, unavailability of consistent technical supports after the project is done, etc. After all, it’s an option you can’t just ignore.

Local Web Designers

Why don’t you look for a web designer who lives in your area, maybe somewhere which is just a few blocks away? This special skills is so high in demand nowadays that professionals are available in almost all US states. Remember, you may not be able to get things cheap, but you can still benefit from the designer’s insights into the locality and the prospects of your business.

Start-up Web Agencies

Designer companies that are new to the realm of creative business often tend to make a positive difference that may strengthen their position in the market. The cost is usually more affordable than the ones by the leading ones. But, there’re concerns like the final output and their overall professionalism which can’t be fathomed decisively as they’re likely to have few reviews or endorsements. So, you can barely feel relaxed before the job is done to your satisfaction.

Established Web Design Agencies

It’s the only and last resort when you’re sure that you can pay for a pixel-perfect design created and implemented to make a website with high-end features and user-friendly elements, and all done by expert people who have at least dozen of projects to show on their portfolio.

Small businesses can rely on agencies with some reputation or the ones that are rising with their daily hard work. However, large organizations or medium-sized businesses often count on reputed web design agencies that pull a perfect job every time and look forward to serving more clients every month. So, it’s completely your budget that decides whether or not a highly esteemed agency is right for you.

Web Designer Salary in America

Web Designer Salary

Although knowing the salary or money that web designers in the United States make seem to be beyond a necessity, you can gather some insights into your budget for a website by considering the following data.

  • The average pay is $22.47 per hour.
  • The average base pay is $57,470 per year.
  • A junior web designer makes an average of $53k a year.
  • A senior/experienced web designer makes an average of $80k a year.
  • A front-end web designer makes an average of $78k a year.
  • A junior web designer/developer makes an average of $65k a year.

The above data has been collected from trusted sources like,, and Please be noted that changes might be made to the above figures depending on the state a designer is located and the specific agreement between the employer and the professional.

Turnaround Time

The usual timeframe is 7-10 days for a typical web design project. As per your preferences, the turnaround time may need to be extended. Established agencies are often known for their timely delivery of projects while freelance designers, if not all, can pose difficulties regarding this.

If your project is time-sensitive, you’re going to have to pay additional fees for faster turnaround. Even with the right payment, you can get a job done in a day or two. Well, that’s the usual case, but some agencies seeking to earn reputation may not do that.

Typical Budgets and Expectations

By now, you may have got an idea, if not the exact figure, about web designer cost. Here’s a more specific overview of the different budgets and things you may buy with them. Since this is just a standard overview of web design projects, one or more elements from the discussion below may be missing in your case.

Website Design at or Below $500

This budget is pretty much enough when you want a custom logo, basic design template for a homepage and a few interior pages consisting of the fundamentals only. You have to sacrifice any sort of dynamic elements. However, you can ask for images and embedded videos.

This budget is typical in freelance projects that involve the agreement between the client (you) and the freelance designer who will carry out the job according to your instructions. You still need to keep in mind that you can get only a few pages designed and coded.

Website Design at or Below $1,000

It’s double the above figure. So, you can get a few extras to make your website more attractive, user-friendly, and compliant to search engines. It may sound too optimistic, but you can do some research to find a web designer who will do a custom design for you integrating social media icons, location sharing options, etc. Again, a freelance web designer can be a good choice, should there be no troubles of communication and deadline. Local businesses and clients with the need for a portfolio website find this budget affordable.

Website Design at or Below $1,500

This budget is congenial for small businesses that are not indifferent to their financing options. If your demands are confined to bells and whistles like a CMS, database, social media integration, visitor counter, Google indexing, and some technical SEO services, this budget is going to be good enough. For a more competitive prices, you may go on comparing the offerings of different agencies and individuals.

Website Design at or Below $3,000

Do you plan on getting some kind of ecommerce website? Do you think your users should have benefits like commenting, profile creation, payment method integration, data submission, etc.? You may also want a system for user management using a well-designed database. Remember that you’ve come a little far from a basic website design. It’s no less than a dynamic website we’re talking about.

Apart from an ecommerce site, you may want a simple yet feature-rich website that is designed and coded maintaining your preference quite strictly. With the budget, you can get a fully custom website with some advanced tools integrated. Mid-sized businesses in general and some large organizations in particular prefer having their websites this way, and this is where the jobs of both a designer and a developer get mingled. So, you see the cost can be higher than what has been mentioned here.

Website Design at or Over $10,000

For an individual or a small business, this price tag seems expensive, but the same cannot be considered for businesses that have multiple enterprises or concerns going on under the same umbrella. The mentioned budget can buy a super dynamic website with professional design and corporate look/feel maintained on every page. These websites often include more than 10/20 pages and just some basic functions.

The reason behind the big budget is that these project take a small team of web designers several weeks to finish. Often, the turnaround time can be as long as six months or even a year. Successful completion of such a large project requires a detail-oriented project plan and uninterrupted coordination between the client and the design service provider to deal with day-to-day issues that may arise.

What do you think about web designer cost now? You’ve learnt almost everything there’s to know about the available options and expected outcomes. Is it very convenient to talk of a specific price tag or fee that a web designer would ask you after a project is accomplished? Always prioritize your preferences and make a contrast among the cost and expectations. That’s the key to finding the right web designer without exceeding the budget!

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